Vote Anyone But Labour

The Labour Party have been systematically destroying the country for the last 13 years. The time has come to vote them out.

How can one minority group wreak so much havoc on the fabric of a once-proud nation? The Labour Party (excuse me, "New Labour") have in the space of 13 short years managed to undermine the education system (nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary), the health service, the armed forces, social care, commerce, policing, justice, culture, the welfare state, the union, the economy, immigration, emigration, privacy, democracy and fairness. They are not fit to organise the proverbial brewery-based entertainment, much less govern. If you vote Labour on the 6th of May, then the next 5 years of this will all be your fault.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! How do these muppets manage to dress themselves in the morning? It seems that the purpose of employing a scientific expert as an advisor is not so that you can listen to and act upon the advice which they give. Rather, it is to have a scapegoat whom you can publicly rebuke and force to resign for having the temerity to present scientific evidence.