The Labour Party systematically went about the destruction of the country for 13 years. In 2010 the time came to vote them out. May they never get their grubby paws on the reigns of power again.

Former immigration minister guilty of electoral fraud

Following recent allegations, the Election Court has found that Phil Woolas (who was immigration minister in the last Labour government - you might remember him being utterly shamed by Joanna Lumley over the appalling treatment of the retired Ghurkas) has broken the law with regard to the Representation of the People Act. The summary judgement (PDF) is available online.

So, it looks like the good people of Oldham East and Saddleworth will have another chance to give Labour an electoral kicking when the by-election is announced. It looks like Woolas will not contest the seat again (at least not as the Labour candidate) as he has been suspended from the party.


Former equality minister mocks opponent's genetic heritage

Harridan Harperson

It has come as a huge surprise to nobody at all that Harriet Harman is a hypocrite. At the Labour conference in Scotland she referred to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, as a "ginger rodent". As a former Minister for Equality in the Brown government, and largely responsible for the horrendous Equality Act 2010, Mrs. Dromey has now shown that making derogatory remarks about a fellow human on the basis of their genetic make-up is actually fine and dandy.

Fortunately, the recipient of this verbal attack has responded in a much more seemly fashion.


Baroness Uddin is a thief - it's official!

For a detailed account of this unelected peer's hubris, take a long, hard look at the report of the Committee for Privileges into her activities regarding the theft of over £125,000 of public money (ie. our money). If you stole that amount of cash would you expect to be told to pay it back and take the next year and a half off work? Try it at your local police station and see how far that gets you.


Lord Adonis in "not electioneering" shocker

This morning on BBC Radio 5 Live, the outgoing Transport Secretary, Baron Adonis of Camden Town, stated vehemently that he had not been out electioneering over the past 6 days while he had been dealing with the volcanic ash problem.

All well and good. Or at least it would be if he were actually an elected MP in the first place. But he isn't. Lord Adonis has never been elected to parliament and he's not going to start now. Can you imagine the scene?

Lord Adonis: Wlll you be voting for me?

Elector: Not a chance you Labour muppet.

Lord Adonis: So what? I'll still get appointed to the cabinet anyway just like my friends Mandy, Paul and Colin. Isn't democracy wonderful?