Some news items which shine a light on the criminality, stupidity, hypocrisy, duplicity and treachery embodied in the Labour party.

15th December Labour say they can't win if they came third last time

When the entirety of your appeal to the electorate is "only we can beat the incumbent because we came second last time", you might just be hoist by your own petard. Here is Labour's leaflet from 2019.

Only Labour can beat the Tories in Devizes - in 2017 Labour came second with double the vote of the Lib Dems

So, what happened in the election? Labour came third and therefore, by their own logic, there is no point in voting for them next time. Nice one!

15th November Taxpayer-funded, nationalised FTTP for all

Corbyn has announced more gifts from the magic money tree. Just imagine the unbridled joy of being on hold for 56 hours to the National Broadband Supportline because someone upstream has cocked up the MTU or the peering. Imagine Comrade Corbyn being in charge of the single most important and democratising channel of information. Imagine you having to subsidise this folly when the "tech giants" decide not to put up with his taxes anymore. That's how Gordon Brown was going to make you pay for it the last time they tried to promise this. We didn't fall for it then and we're not going to fall for it now.


24th October The South West is "obscure" and Corbyn takes the train to Orkney

The Sunday Times's Gabriel Pogrund reports that Karie Murphy insisted that Corbyn "loves to go on the train to obscure places like the South West or Orkney". Good to see that he's not out of touch or stuck in some sort of Islington bubble.


28th September Militant's leader Derek Hatton rejoins Labour

Just when everyone was convinced that Derek Hatton was so politically toxic that no party outside the lunatic fringe would ever accept him as a member, guess what happens? Yes, he has reportedly joined what is now his true, spiritual home: Corbyn's Labour.

The Liverpool Echo

27th April Former Labour MP "not fit to stand trial"

Yet another of Labour's expenses cheats has tried to weasel out of her comeuppance. Margaret Moran, formerly MP for Luton was due to stand trial but a forensic psychiatrist, Philip Joseph, has claimed that her mental state would prevent this.


23rd February Labour cracks down on alcohol-fuelled violence

The shadow cabinet are apparently united against alcohol-fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour. This position has put them directly at odds with at least one of their back-benchers. Eric Joyce MP has been arrested and charged with three counts of assault following an altercation in the Strangers' Bar in the House of Commons. The good people of Falkirk will surely have their say about this binge-drinking fight-starting yobbo whom they saw fit to elect to represent them in 2010.


3rd February Labour MP bans "Top Totty" beer from HoP bar

With the eurozone crumbling, Argentina sabre-rattling and Syria on the brink of civil war, what has Kate Green MP been most concerned with this week? Surprisingly the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities (an oxymoron in itself) has set her sights on attacking a British success story. Slater's fantastic beer, "Top Totty", has been banned from the Strangers' Bar in the Houses of Parliament following Green's outrage that such a fantastic product from a great British company should be allowed to be sold in such a high-class establishment.

The Telegraph

4th May Brown is the "worst prime minister" according to Labour PPC

Gordon Brown is the worst prime minister we have had in this country. While this is likely to be the prevailling attitude among the public it is surprisingly refreshing to hear it from one of Labour's own prospective parliamentary candidates, Mr. Manish Sood. Mr. Sood is contesting Norfolk North West and has realised that the public anger against the Labour Party generally is in no small measure down to Gordon Brown.


28th April Brown on tape giving true colours away

Gordon Brown has been recorded giving his candid views on a staged meeting with a member of the electorate. Describing the meeting as a "disaster" and "ridiculous", our glorious Prime Minister went on to describe the constituent as "just a bigoted woman". It's reassuring to know that Labour candidates will faithfully represent the views of all in their constituencies.


26th April Another Labour cabinet minister breaks the law

Not content with just the one convicted criminal in the cabinet (yes, we're looking at you, Harriet Harman) it now comes to light that Ed "the" Balls is no better. If they can't even manage to keep to the laws which they have enacted, how could anyone trust them to behave decently and honourably in the future? Good people of Morley and Outwood - don't vote for this hypocritical cretin!


22nd April National debt up another £163,400,000,000.00

The Labour party are continuing in their plans to turn UK PLC into a giant Ponzi scheme. The figures are just in, and in the last year they have borrowed a staggering £163 billion. That's over £300,000 every minute of every hour of every day for an entire year. How on earth is that possible?

It is clear to anyone that these people have absolutely no grasp of basic finance. They have spent their entire careers in politics, getting rich off taxpayers' contributions and know the value of nothing, which is coincidentally much more than the country is now worth. Total national debt? Around £890 billion. We simply cannot afford another 5 years of this.


19th April Labour down to third in latest polls

Following Gordon Brown's miserable performance in the first leaders' debate last week, recent polls show Labour are running a poor third to the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. Yougov's poll puts Labour on just 26% of the popular vote whereas ICM have them slightly better at 28%, but still in third place.

7th April Cider only going up under Labour

Not just that, but the utterly fatuous broadband tax will be revoked by the Conservatives as well. 2 Stealth taxes down, another 4193 to go.


Glasgow North East by-election special

How disappointing that the good people of Glasgow North East have decided to return a member of the Labour Party to represent them in the national parliament. Why could this be? Do they not care about the economy, the schools, the transport infrastructure, the MP expenses gravy train, the EU treaty, the jaw-droppingly enormous national debt?